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DBS Process

Thank you

Your form and payment have been received.

South West Administration will now start the DBS process for you.

This is a manual process and is completed by our office so please allow 72 hours for receipt of the UCheck email.

Ucheck are the company who process and administer our DBS's for all TAGB/BTC Instructors

This is a totally new system of applying for your DBS check so please ensure you read the email fully before commencing.


During the online DBS application process, you will be required to download one of the following secure apps onto your phone.


  1. Post Office Easy ID         

  2. YOTI


Both of these apps are UK Government secured apps and are available to download from the App Store or Google Play.   


These apps will encrypt any data uploaded onto them, so they are totally secure. 

Using these apps to submit your identification removes the need to scan and email/present in person your DBS identification documents to TAGB South West Admin.

To be able to use the secure apps and proceed you must hold the following documents:


  1. An up to date Passport

  2.  An up to date Driving Licence Photocard

Please ensure you check your emails regularly for the DBS email from Ucheck HR Platform.



Yours in TKD


TAGB South West Administration

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