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Adults Did You Know?


Learning martial arts can provide numerous benefits for your physical and mental health.

Many adults don’t see themselves as a martial artist, or the many advantages martial arts can offer.

Through regular training, martial arts could help with:

Increased Flexibility


Being flexible improves muscle strength and balance. It helps to protect the muscles, bones and joints from tears and strains. The ease of movement comes from your muscles working more efficiently and effectively. Better movement translates into improved physical performance.

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Self-Defence Skills


Knowing self-defence is a lot like insurance. You hope the day never comes when you need your skills, but you're happy that you have them on standby. It may surprise you to learn that self-defence is about more than just fending off an attack.


Lower Blood Pressure and Heart Rate


What you may not know is that martial arts are great for the heart. In fact, the cardiac benefits of martial arts give a whole new meaning to the idea of cardiovascular fitness. When you work out, your heart becomes stronger – and that means that it can pump blood more efficiently than it can without exercise. The less effort your heart has to expend on pumping blood, the lower your blood pressure is.

Improved Mental Stamina

Training in martial arts is a physically demanding undertaking – the mental discipline to accept your shortcomings and the courage to work on them.

Discipline is necessary to ensure you maintain a healthy diet, get adequate rest, and be committed to your training routine.

As you learn to balance these different responsibilities and improve your skills, it will train and reinforce your habits.


Gaining Confidence


Martial arts classes provide a supportive group environment where you can learn, grow and bond together. When learning martial arts, perfection is not the goal - progress is - no one becomes a martial arts master in a day.

Full Body Workout


Martial arts are a great calorie burner. Depending on the class and how hard you work, you can burn anywhere between 350 and 900 calories in half an hour. We all know that exercise can improve mental and emotional well-being – it can help banish stress and keep anxiety in check.


Better Coordination


Martial arts improve balance and coordination through practice and repetition.

You’ll learn new skills and techniques through drills where you repeat similar movements.

Practicing these movements trains your body to move more efficiently.

After a while, you’ll feel more coordinated with your actions.

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Social Skills


Martial arts classes provide an excellent environment for people of all ages to learn important life lessons, including valuable social skills. In a structured class, you work on building relationships, through co-operation and understanding.

Stress Relief


It’s important to take some time for yourself, to take a breath and try to relieve some of the stress from our daily lives. While there are lots of different ways to let off steam, for some people martial arts can be an effective way to release the pressure.


And so much more while making long term friendships!


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